Training Formats


We offer training to empower coaches’ hearts, heads and feet

Hearts are trained when the role as a coach, father figure and change agent is discovered. Coaches learn about the influence of actions and words and how to bring forth holistic change in players’ lives.

Heads are trained by gaining knowledge about e.g. how to develop effective coaching plans, age specific coaching and goal setting.

Feet are trained through on the field training to develop technical football coaching expertise in terms of skills, tactics and game intelligence.

Ambassadors Football 5-day Coaching Course (TREC)

Our courses have been used worldwide for over 15 years. Even so we are continuously adapting them in terms of content and methods used. We offer these coaching courses on three levels, as well as one stand-alone Goal Keeping course.

The football curriculum for the different levels is as following:

  • Level 1 – Foundational techniques of football (e.g. passing, control, shooting)
  • Level 2 – Principles of attack and defence
  • Level 3 – Principles of attack and defence, focusing on the specific positions and players
  • Level 1 Goal Keeping course – Foundational techniques of goal keeping (e.g. ball handling, diving)

Customized Training Courses On Site

For schools, churches, clubs and other entities we offer customized training courses. The courses would vary in their duration (5 days, weekend, 1 day or just a few hours) and topics based on the needs of the club, school, organisation or community.

Coaches Coffee

On a monthly basis we gather coaches in a certain area to get trained on a specific football/life coaching related topic and journey together. Experience shows us that an intensive coaching course needs to be followed up with on-going engagement with the coaches, to help them implementing the newly learned aspects in their coaching.

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“It’s like scales have been removed from my eyes, God showed me a new identity of who I am – not a prisoner, but a coach and father figure.”
Lloyd Drakenstein Prison Coaching Course Participant