TREC 1 Coaching Course in Prison

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From 23-27 February we held a TREC (Training, Resourcing, Equipping Coaches/Churches) Level 1 Coaching and Ministry Course in Drakenstein Prison for 25 inmates from the Hope Academy Program and 11 coaches from outside the prison. The tutors for this course were Aaron Tredway, Ben Marais and Juju Tabata. This was the first being held in the prison for 5 years and we are really grateful to the Departement of Correctional Services, their partnership and assistance in allowing this to happen. Doing TREC in prison is part of our long-term goal of training these young men to be the coach/father/mentor figures in their communities once they are released.

One of the inmates responded on Day 1 after a session on The Heart of the Coach that he felt the scales had been removed from his eyes and that God showed him a new identity, that of a coach/father and not of a prisoner.

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