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Q. What is the mission of Ambassadors Football?
The mission of Ambassadors Football is to communicate the good news of Jesus to all people through football.  The “good news” is that because of Jesus all people can find forgiveness and reconciliation with God, and Jesus has also shown us the way to find forgiveness and reconciliation with each other.  We believe this “good news” is the hope of humanity and the way to experience the most fulfilling and abundant life possible.

Q. What is the vision of Ambassadors Football?
The vision of Ambassadors Football is to see the transformation of individuals and communities through indigenous football outreach.  Transformation comes in many forms… a child who feels their worth for the first time, a young adult who turns away from destructive behaviours to a new way of life, an adult who experiences a love so powerful that it breaks through decades of hurt and isolation.  These are the transformations we long for, not just for the individuals themselves but also for the families, communities and nations who will be transformed by them.  We believe this kind of transformation happens most powerfully when it is ‘indigenous’, i.e. from peer to peer, in the context of relationship, not through ‘outsiders’ visiting for a short time.

Q. What are the values of Ambassadors Football?
Football – we participate in football at levels with passion, excellence and respect.

ChurchWe uphold the long-term, transformative role of the Church in the world.

Team – We identify and collaborate with others in the pursuit of shared goals.

Service – We follow the example of Jesus by leading through service and prioritising the marginalised.

Q.  What does Ambassadors Football actually do?
Ambassadors Football’s activities can be separated into three categories.  Firstly, Ambassadors promotes the growth of football outreach worldwide through short-term tours and developing partnerships and works in new countries.

Secondly, Ambassadors develops and delivers effective football outreach programs, including:

Clubs – community-based teams for players of all abilities, ages and genders, where football skills and personal character are developed in a positive environment.

Academies – holistic football programs that provide young people from all backgrounds the opportunity to fulfil their God-given potential on and off the field.

Camps – short-term, football-based events that engage young people in a fun and active program involving football skills, character and faith development, fun games, and matches.

Thirdly, Ambassadors trains and supports Christians and Churches in football outreach through:

TRECs – comprehensive football-based courses that train, resource and equip Christians and Churches to conduct effective football outreach in their communities.

Associations – an intentional network of TREC alumni and football outreach workers in a particular region who network together for ongoing training, resourcing, equipping and mutual support.

Q: What is unique about Ambassadors Football?
The uniqueness of Ambassadors Football is expressed in the tagline “Football. Faith.  Future.”  We know of no other global organisation that combines these three elements in as comprehensive and effective a way as Ambassadors.  Ambassadors’ programs have been refined over 23 years and in over 25 countries, and while we’re still learning and innovating every day, this experience and history provides a reliable foundation for all our activities.

Q. What are Ambassadors Football’s religious beliefs?
Ambassadors Football is a Christian organisation that holds to beliefs generally called “evangelical” by the Christian community.  We don’t publish a “Statement of Faith” on our website because we believe the best way to understand someone’s beliefs is through conversation and experience, rather than propositions.  After all, what matters more… what someone says they believe, or what their actions show that they do?

Q. Are Ambassadors Football’s programs just for Christians?  Does Ambassadors Football require that people become Christians?
Ambassadors Football programs are open to all people regardless of race, religion, gender, politics or nationality.  While lessons based on or about the Christian faith are an integral component of the programs in most contexts, Ambassadors Football does not require or coerce program participants to convert to Christianity before, during or after their participation in the program.

Q. Where else in the world does Ambassadors Football work?
Ambassadors Football’s ever-expanding global network now includes ongoing works in:

Africa – Kenya, Mozambique, Nigeria, Zambia.

Americas – Brazil, Chile, Guatemala, Haiti, Mexico, Peru, USA.

Asia-Pacific – Australia.

Europe – Czech Republic, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Serbia, Spain.

Short-term programs and tours are conducted in a number of other countries, in addition to those listed above.

Don’t hesitate to ask, if you have any other questions. Send your questions to my attention at southafrica@ambassadorsfootball.org