ALL IN – Football camp in Wynberg

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There was a great sense of excitement every morning as set up began, you could hear the singing of the kids as they approached the venue, and it felt as though every day the intensity of their excitement rose higher and higher. The diversity of the camp meant that kids were able to build team and make friends with others who are not like them in race, culture, and gender.

Our theme for the camps this year was ALL IN, based on from 1 Corinthians 9:24 –27. It was a really meaningful experience that all the leaders/coaches were ALL IN for the kids. That our team was diverse in terms of race, culture, gender, age, nationalities and yet ALL IN was also a nice picture of Gods Kingdom. That we were encouraging young people to understand what it means to live a life that is ALL IN for Jesus was a very fulfilling week for all those involved. We had 120 kids on the camp in Wynberg, 26 coaches, 6 helpers, and 1 support staff.

So exciting to hear Keegan, our Camp Director, speak about the coaches: “Truth is that these weeks impact us coaches so much more at times than it does for the kids, it’s crazy really. Walking with these leaders for most of this year has been an incredible journey. Building a community of disciples who will go out and make disciples who make disciples takes time and I am committed to this call for the long run. It blessed my heart when some of them brought with them to camp some of the people they are on a journey with, inviting them into their space was really special and intentional.”

Wynberg camp for NL 3