Coaches as father figures and disciple makers


Fuelling a movement of 5000 coaches as father figures and disciple makers by 2026

This is the big goal we want to pursue in everything we do, as we believe this is where God is directing us.

At the Ambassadors Football International Leadership conference last year, we were challenged with the question, what does success look like. How do we ensure we are not activity driven, but driven by the results we believe God wants to see happening through our worldwide ministry? In trying to answer these and other pressing questions we embarked on a strategic planning process at the end of last year and the beginning of this year. Prompted by the global goal for Ambassadors Football, to “Inspire and serve a global football outreach movement that will impact 10 million people by 2025”, we trust God that our South African goal will work towards making this possible.

In our planning at the beginning of the year we made sure that all our activities are in alignment with this: Whether we run coaches training events, work with juvenile offenders in Drakenstein Prison or coach football at a school – our focus is developing coaches. Typically, the coach in the local community that comes from the school, church, football club, NGO or other parts of the community. Coaches work with their players at a place they love to be and interact with them repeatedly over a long period of time. A coach is perfectly placed to impact and influence, but can only give what he or she has. Therefore, this is the person we want to develop, support, strengthen and invest in to be a change agent, disciple maker, father figure and mentor in the players’ lives.