30 more change agents out on the field

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We asked one of the participants of the October TREC coaching course about the most helpful he  has learned at this course:

“Not just to be a coach – but to be a life coach”

After winning the GTP Social innovation project in June, we implemented a strategy to kick-start the roll-out of this plan. During August and September we met with various clubs, churches, other NGO’s and individuals to invite them to join the project. It was with great excitement that we launched the first TREC of 2016 on 3-7 October at DF Malan High School in Bellville.

With our new focus we want to ensure that we do not only host a training event, but also invest into the lives of participants for an extended process of up to 18 months. This includes the training, onsite visits to encourage and mentor, as well as monthly Coaches Coffee sessions. These sessions are designed to group the coaches from the local area together into an accountability structure of peer mentoring and equipping. We want to help build structure and foundations into their lives as we explore together practical coaching issues, how to play the roles of a father figure in the players’ lives and general life coaching topics.

Close to 30 coaches joined during this 5-day training course and the first Coaches coffee sessions will take place during the first week of November and again in December. For the last 15 years we have been doing TREC in South Africa and especially Cape Town, and we want to use this momentum to also engage deeper with coaches we have trained trained in the past.

“Good day! Just wanted to share the joy of a coach/father figure, when his ‘children’ step up and show growth, maturity, strength, confidence and obedience. God be praised for the blessings of the partnership. This is the first day back to practice and two of my TREC graduates were ready and able to conduct their first coaching session. Wow!”

(Meshack, one of the community coaches we have been journeying with over a long period of time, sent some of his older players to TREC as he had identified them to become coaches themselves. He sent this photo and message after the coaching course.)